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Is There A Career In Manufacturing?

Thanks to HR Machine in Moraine, Ohio for hiring me to photograph their manufacturing.

Again, please contact me for any positive examples on building a career in manufacturing!

Machined Parts To Be Admired

Send a strong message to prospective customers by presenting quality product photography in all of your marketing. 

  Carbide Probes, Inc. 

Carbide Probes, Inc. 

A great deal of skill and craftsmanship is required to create high quality machined parts. Feature those talents in your business in a creative sales presentation, it will stand above your competition. 

Video Marketing

It's A Wrap!

In this latest email subscription I laid out a few good reasons for creating video marketing content. I have many samples available to view in the Video Marketing section of my website. 

Thanks to my friends at: 

Reach the Affluent 

Dayton Region Manufacturers Association DRMA 

Huffy Bicycles 

Thank you to Huffy Bicycles (, Dayton Region Manufactures Association DRMA (, and RSVP ( for their support. 

Feel free to mention other good reasons for marketing with video. 

Fine Art Portraiture

Recently some of my family portraits have been on tour at two of the Pendelton Art Center Locations, last month in Cincinnati, Ohio and now in Rising Sun, Indiana.

Family Portrait

My objective with these portraits is to create a family heirloom that illustrates the love and bond within a family. The goal is to create a treasured piece that holds a unique perspective of the family. The process involves capturing a non-posed candid moment, lighted in a classic photographic style utilizing a single large soft diffused window light and printed in a sepia tone archival print.

Screen Shot 2013-02-02-5B.jpg
Framed 3-c.jpg

The print is framed in a museum quality UV protected glass to provide a lifespan of over 100 years, a keepsake for future generations to treasure.

Industrial Photography

A Quality Product Needs A Quality Image

This was e-mailed in January presenting examples of manufactured products in a attractive setting.

Thanks to my friends Carbide Probes Inc., Graphel and JBK Manufacturing & Development Co. to allow me to show sample of their products.